the subscription that changes lives.

Our Mission

Sitti is a conscious lifestyle brand committed to the self-reliance of refugee and displaced communities through long-term employment opportunities and skill development training, empowered by an inclusive global economy.

Employment Generation

Sitti provides opportunities for refugee persons of working age to work in exchange for a fair income, under secure working conditions and greater opportunities for personal development, social integration, the freedom to express themselves, and the freedom to participate in decisions that affect their lives.

Gender equality

Paid work is essential to refugee women's empowerment - it boosts women's confidence and self-esteem and further enables them to build self-reliance in their host countries. We know this because we hear it directly from refugee women themselves.

Supporting Refugees with Disabilities

41% of Sitti's team members are persons with disabilities in the refugee community.
Where We Work

Gaza Refugee Camp.
Jerash, Jordan

Creating Jobs

As part of the Canadian Women's Foundation Investment Readiness program, funded by the Canadian Government, this grant will help partially fund the launch of Sitti’s first-ever subscription box and which helps generate jobs for women in Canada. These funds will go to support refugee, immigrant or non-status peoples, those living on low-incomes.